Willow (Me) Age: 18

James (Dad) Age: 46

Mary (Mom) Age: 42

Prudence (Sister) Age: 21

Cooper (Brother) Age: 21

Robby (Brother) Age 21

Greg (Brother) Age: 12

Roy (Brother) Age: 16

Thrishna (Aunt) Age: 32

Utah (Cousin) Age: 18

Matt Neff (Cousin) Age: 36

Kahuna (Cousin) Age: 47

Doan (Cousin) Age: 32

Timm (Cousin) Age: 32

Jojo (Cousin) Age: 49

Bertha (Cousin) Age: 43

Pinch Hitwell (Cousin) Age: 42

Quinn (Cousin) Age: 48

Hank (Cousin) Age: 52

Mayor Mallow (Cousin) Age: 50

Tony Solary (Cousin) Age: 30

Tohru (Cousin) Age: 18

Sasha (Cousin) Age: 19

Wendy (Cousin) Age: 23

Captain Cori (Cousin) Age: 18

Nevanda (Cousin) Age: 19

Nick (Cousin) Age: 27

Ninjoy (Cousin) Age: 16

Georgito (Cousin) Age: 14

Professor Fitz (Cousin) Age: 47

Johnny (Cousin) Age: 23

Kenji (Cousin) Age: 20

Allan (Cousin) Age: 15

Gremmie (Cousin) Age: 13

Akari (Cousin) Age: 16

Ivy (Cousin) Age: 23

Connor (Cousin) Age: 35

Xolo (Cousin) Age: 26

Sarge Fan! (Cousin) Age: 12

Boomer (Cousin) Age: 20

Xandra (Cousin) Age: 11

Radlynn (Cousin) Age: 22

Papa Louie (Uncle) Age: 45

Edna (Grandmother) Age: 76

Cletus (Grandfather) Age: 74

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