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Ice Creameria

Papa's Ice Creameria!

Workers: Matt and Sasha


Screen Says "Matt "or " Sasha Working Day

Allan/Clover are doing farmwork behind their house and tries to milk a cow because they have no more milk! They notice that no milk comes out and try to get ice cream but they have no ice cream either! They look around the city to see a milk store but they are all out of milk but then he or she notices that an ice creamery is down the street called Papa's Ice Creameria! They walk into the creamery and he or she orders vanilla ice cream to melt and suddenly, confetties and ballons come floating down from the celing and Papa Louie comes over and tells him or her that they are the first customer to order vanilla ice cream and Papa Louie hands him or her keys and a uniform and him or her looks upset and happy.

Customer Chart Rank Edit


Order Station

Scoop Station

Freeze Station

Build Station

Ice CreamEdit

Caramel Cream' ( At Start!)

Vanilla Cream' (At Start' !)

Gummy Cream (If Gino Romano is Unlocked Rank 2)

Candy Cream (If Utah is Unlocked Rank 6)

Onion Cream (If Xolo is Unlocked Rank 13)

Red Syrup Cream (If Skyler is Unlocked Rank 20)

Chocolate Cream (If Wally is Unlocked Rank 24)

Mint Cream (If Chuck unlocked Rank 29)

Blueberry Cream (If Bertha unlocked Rank 33)

Toppings Edit

Gummy Bears (At Start!)

Strawberry Sprinkles (At Start!)

Chocolate Sauce (At Start!)

Vanilla Sause (At Start!)

Flavor Balls (At Start)

Pineapple (If Xandra is Unlocked Rank 3)

Chocolate Chips (If Boomer is Unlocked Rank 9)

Red Hot Sauce (If Akari is Unlocked Rank 11)

Number Sprinkles (If Cecilia is Unlocked Rank 14)

White Sugar (If Hank is Unlocked Rank 16''')

Brown Sugar (If Ninjoy is Unlocked Rank 17

Tropical Sprinkles (If Rico is Unlocked Rank 18)

Red Hot Sprinkles (If Edna is Unlocked Rank 19)

Rainbow Sprinkles (If Franco is Unlocked Rank 22)

Whipped Cream (If Ivy is Unlocked Rank 26)

Chocolate Whipped Cream (If Chuck is unlocked Rank 29)










Tutorial: Robby

After Tutorial: Clover

Time: Tohru

Time: Maggie

Time: Kayla

Time: Professor Fitz

Time: Kana

After Day 1 Kingsley

Rank 2: Gino Romano

Rank 3: Xandra

Rank 4: Bruna Romano

Rank 5: Sue

Rank 6: Utah

Rank 7: Zoe

Rank 8: Cletus

Rank 9: Boomer

Rank 10: Doan

Rank 11: Akari

Rank 12: Mary

Rank 13: Xolo

Rank 14: Cecilia

Rank 15: Yippy

Rank 16: Hank

Rank 17: Ninjoy

Rank 18: Rico

Rank 19: Edna

Rank 20: Skyler

Rank 21: Greg

Rank 22: Franco

Rank 23: Mindy

Rank 24: Wally

Rank 25: Carlo Romano

Rank 26: Ivy

Rank 27: Prudence

Rank 28: Peggy

Rank 29: Chuck

Rank 30: Taylor

Rank 31: Joy

Rank 32: Crystal

Rank 33: Bertha

Rank 34: Connor

Rank 35: Roy

Rank 36: Penny

Rank 37: Sienna

Rank 38: Allan

Rank 39: Kenji

Rank 40: Vicky

Rank 41: Cooper

Rank 42: Clair

Rank 43: Alberto

Rank 44: Gremmie

Rank 45: Little Edoardo

Rank 46: Wendy

Rank 47: Matt

Rank 48: Mayor Mallow

Rank 49: Willow

Rank 50: Foodini

Rank 51: Nevada

Rank 52: Papa Louie

Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Newbie

Rank 2: Trainee

Rank 3: Cashier

Rank 4: Gummy Gum

Rank 5: Part-Time Master

Rank 6: Ticket Handler

Rank 7: Ice Cream Fan

Rank 8: Scooper Buddy

Rank 9: Blueberry Master

Rank 10: Candy Cash

Rank 11: Diner Ices

Rank 12: Part-Time Freeze

Rank 13: Whipper Whooper

Rank 14: Cream Candy

Rank 15: Drizzle Sprinkler

Rank 16: Rainbow Master

Rank 17: Frost Lover

Rank 18: Icing Juggler

Rank 19: Drizzle Buddy

Rank 20: Part-Time Pro

Rank 21: Stinkiest Strawberry

Rank 22: Largest Ice Creamer

Rank 23: Frosting Fan

Rank 24: Scoop Juggler

Rank 25: Sugar Scooper

Rank 26: Cinnamon Sprinkler

Rank 27: Tropical Pro

Rank 28: Chili Cream

Rank 29: Biggest Ingredients

Rank 30: All-Time Cream Master

Rank 31: Sous Chef

Rank 32: Frost Chef

Rank 33: Cone Hero

Rank 34: Ice Cream Cone Scooper

Rank 35: Part-Time Expert

Rank 36: Order Expert

Rank 37: Scoop Expert

Rank 38: Freeze Expert

Rank 39: Build Expert

Rank 40: Frosting Freezer

Rank 41: Freezer II (2)

Rank 42: Freezer III (3)

Rank 43: Freezer IV (4)

Rank 44: Freezer V (5)

Rank 45: Tropical Trip

Rank 46: Quizzer Creamer

Rank 47: Biggest Cone

Rank 48: Vanilla Buddy

Rank 49: Chocolate Champion

Rank 50: Mallow Morning

Rank 51: Frosting Noon

Rank 52: Closer Evening

Rank 53: Ice Creameria Master!

Rank 54: Better Than Papa!!!

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