Maple Division Round 1

Tony VS Gremmie

Sue VS Wendy

Maple Division Round 2

Kingsley VS Connor

Mindy VS Vicky 

Blueberry Division Round 1

Nick VS Georgito

Lisa VS Olga

Blueberry Division Round 2

Big Pauly VS Timm

Sasha VS Ivy

Whipped Cream Division Round 1

Chuck VS Taylor 

Akari VS Mary

Whipped Cream Division Round 2

Foodini VS Allan

Tohru VS Mandi

Honey Division Round 1

Cletus VS Wally

Edna VS Captain Cori

Honey Division Round 2

Doan VS Robby

Bruna VS Zoe

Maple Division Finals

Connor VS Tony

Wendy VS Mindy

Blueberry Division Finals

Timm VS Nick

Lisa VS Ivy

Whipped Cream Division Finals

Allan VS Chuck

Akari VS Mandi

Honey Division Finals

Doan VS Cletus

Captain Cori VS Zoe 

Semi-Finals Round 1

Timm VS Tony

Mindy VS Lisa

Semi-Finals Round 2

Doan VS Chuck

Mandi VS Zoe


Chuck VS Tony

Mindy VS Mandi


Chuck and Mandi!

There are also New Super Mario Voting.

Super Mushroom Division Round 1

Koopa vs Mole

Yoshi vs Bowser

Super Mushroom Division Round 2

Goomba vs Boo

Wario vs Police Guy

Sunshine Division Round 1

Bowser Jr vs Shy Guy

Snifit vs Rosalina

Sunshine Division Round 2

Birdo vs Stork

Dry Bones vs Hotfeet Goomba

Blooper Division Round 1

Blooper vs Cheep Cheep

Dry Bowser vs Fishbone

Blooper Division Round 2

Mario vs Peach

Beezo vs Luigi

Grab Block Division Round 1

Nokobon vs Goombe

Blue Toad vs Yellow Toad

Grab Block Division Round 2

Bullet Bill vs Dry Bro

Hammer Bro vs Stretch

Super Mushroom Finals

Mole vs Yoshi

Goomba vs Wario

Sunshine Finals

Bowser Jr vs Snifit

Hotfeet Goomba vs Stork

Blooper Finals

Blooper vs Fishbone

Mario vs Luigi

Grab Block Finals

Goombe vs Yellow Toad

Bullet Bill vs Hammer Bro

Semi-Final 1

Yoshi vs Goomba

Bowser Jr vs Hotfeet Goomba

Semi-Final 2

Mario vs Luigi

Yellow Toad vs Bullet Bill


Mario vs Goomba

Hotfeet Goomba vs Luigi


Mario and Luigi

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