Workers: Allan and Clover

Allan/Clover are having a walk in Starlight City, they see Papa's Wingeria, Allan/Clover walk in and Mandi is holding keys and Papa Louie walks in and says that Papa's Pastaria is opening now, Allan/Clover look at Papa Louie and Papa Louie thinks that he or she want to get the job but right away, Papa Louie hands him or her keys and a uniform and Allan/Clover are sad and happy.

Tutorial: Mindy

After Tutorial: Sue

Day 2: Vicky

Rank 2: Kahuna

Rank 3: Skyler

Rank 4: Shannon

Rank 5: Aiden (New Customer!)

Rank 6: Olga

Rank 7: Maggie

Rank 8: Tohru

Rank 9: Franco

Rank 10: Akari

Rank 11: Gremmie

Rank 12: Big Pauly

Rank 13: Roy

Rank 14: Pinch Hitwell (No Longer Closer!)

Rank 15: Georgito

Rank 16: Nick

Rank 17: Boomer (No Longer Closer!)

Rank 18: Connor

Rank 19: Timm

Rank 20: Peggy

Rank 21: Edna

Rank 22: Xandra

Rank 23: Captain Cori

Rank 24: Hank

Rank 25: Kayla

Rank 26: Ryan (New Customer!)

Rank 27: Kenji

Rank 28: Wally

Rank 29: Cecilia

Rank 30: Scooter

Rank 31: Carlo Romano

Rank 32: Rico

Rank 33: Robby

Rank 34: Johnny

Rank 35: Ninjoy

Rank 36: Greg

Rank 37: Utah

Rank 38: Mitch

Rank 39: Tony

Rank 40: Michael (New Customer!)

Rank 41: Bruna Romano

Rank 42: Prudence

Rank 43: Zoe

Rank 44: Matt

Rank 45: Mary

Rank 46: Rita

Rank 47: Alberto

Rank 48: Marty

Rank 49: Chuck

Rank 50: Xolo

Rank 51: Mayor Mallow

Rank 52: Kenji

Rank 53: Scarlett

Rank 54: Nevada

Rank 55: Santa

Rank 56: Bertha

Rank 57: Boomer

Rank 58: Pinch Hitwell

Rank 59: Willow

Rank 60: Foodini

Rank 61: Papa Louie


Gavin (New Customer!)

Thrishna (From Cupcakeria)

Xirus (New Customer!)

Quinn (From Taco Mia!) 

Radlynn (From Hot Doggeria)

Doctor Cherry (New Customer!)

Jojo (From Taco Mia!)


SPICE IT UP! (Takes place for Home Run Durby)


Cool Shot

Vampire Shoot! (Takes place for Strike Out)

Jojo's Burger Slots

Quinn's Q&A (Takes place for Hot Shot)

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