Papa's Sushiria

  • Janice
  • Sarge Fan
  • Chester
  • Shawn
  • Quinn
  • Xolo
  • Jojo

How to get dem coins in Papa's Ice Creameria!.

  • Tarra (Monday): Collect 100 coins in Day 2 or if she goes to lobby.
  • Radlynn (Tuesday): Meet Matt in a 4-lap race in Day 3 or if she goes to lobby.
  • Allan (Wednesday): Destroy all 40 Freezies in Day 4 or if he goes to lobby.
  • Quinn (Thursday): Find 5 Cranberries in Day 5 or if she goes to lobby.
  • Xolo (Friday)
  • Professor Fitz (Saturday)
  • Jojo (Sunday): RANDOM CHALLENGE if he goes to lobby!!

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